About us

The Construction & Career Academy is a public charter high school established in September, 2002. The school is a small comprehensive high school with two Career & Technical Education programs:
  • Heavy & Highway Construction
  • Event Planning & Tourism

Our school specializes in supporting students to successfully complete a comprehensive education for their future, including all Graduation Requirements.

Our Philosophy


We believe students have different learning styles and succeed best when they take ownership of their learning, are in a student-centered environment and make a genuine connection with an adult professional. We also believe that all learning styles can be nurtured through direct experience in the workplace. Our school provides a solid academic foundation while developing career training and authentic work experiences in order to prepare students interested in exploring post-secondary career opportunities in the construction and tourism industries, college options, or other fields of interests.



We provide pathways for students who want to  succeed in the classroom and to be prepared for the careers of tomorrow.




The Academy  provides the following unique opportunities:

  • Construction Career Pathway 
  • Event Planning & Tourism Pathway
  • Dual Enrollment with CCRI
  • Credit Recovery
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Career Guidance
  • Employment Preparation
  • Positive School Culture